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Beam, The Smart Projector That Fits in Any Light Socket

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Beam, The Smart Projector That Fits in Any Light Socket Description

Product Description Beam is a light bulb projector equipped with a smart computer, inside a beautifully designed casing. It can turn any flat surface into a big screen! From the Manufacturer $759,656 raised with 1,973 backers. Beam integrates into your life Screw Beam into any existing light socket or use the included power cable to place it on a flat surface. Place Beam anywhere you like: Above a dining table or put it in your bedroom, it’s all up to you! After you’ve given Beam a place in your home, you can set it up to respond to you automatically. You can tell Beam to do what you want it to do when something you define happens. Like: Show a message when someone comes home, Play a Youtube movie to wake you up or even show you the latest news in the morning. Runs any app available Control Beam with the Apple or Android Remote app! Beam is easy to set up and connects to your home Wi-Fi. You can install all your favourite apps on Beam itself. Watch a movie on Netflix, HULU or YouTube, check your Facebook notifications or even listen to music with Spotify. Beam can install any app available, so the possibilities are endless. Share favourite memories instantly Just grab a phone or tablet and with a flick of a finger anyone can instantly share pictures and videos on a big screen using Airplay or Miracast. Designed to be part of your home Beam will be an integrated part of your interior. By either screwing it into a light socket or by just placing it onto its flat side. With our iF and Red Dot award winning design, Beam will be a part of your interior. Let there be light! Beam has additional LED lights, so you can also use it as a normal lamp. This light has the same intensity as a regular light bulb. The technology inside Beam has a LED projector that has 20.000 projection hours, enough to project for 10 hours a day for 6 years. The computer inside Beam has 8GB storage for apps, photos, games, whatever you like. It has built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and stereo speakers. Beam gets its power from any E26/27 light socket and works on any power voltage available in the world. Beam comes with its own power cord. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Lightsocket smart projector How did you come up with the idea for this product? Many ideas start simple, just like this one. During a brainstorm session in March of 2014 someone came up with the thought ‘what if we could make a projector that you could screw in your light socket’. The interesting thing is what happened after this thought. Everybody started sharing ideas on where they would place Beam in their house, and almost everyone thought of a different location. We were no longer limited by the traditional spots and could now freely dream up places where we would love to have a screen. Everybody made it their own personal solution, instead of one pre-defined setup. Here we decided that besides just screwing the projector into light sockets it should also be able to be placed on a flat surface. So we added a small flatness on one side that stabilizes Beam. What makes your product special? Normal projectors are big and bulky and you want to get it out of sight as soon as you’re done using them. We designed Beam in a way that it will be a part of your interior. This combined with our software creates an unique product that will show you the right information at the right time! What has been the best part of your startup experience? Developing the product from an idea to a fully working concept was a something that we as a team enjoyed a lot! Also seeing the Kickstarter community pick up our baby as well as they did was awesome!

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