BenQ MX503 2700L SmartEco XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector

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BenQ MX503 2700L SmartEco XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector Description

Offers stunning full-screen presentation with the finest details. View larger Disruption-Free Learning for Small and Medium-Sized Classroom Featuring an brightness of 2700 ANSI lumens, ultra-sharp contrast ratio of 13000:1, and a XGA resolution, the cost-effective and eco-friendly MX503 offers a stunning full-screen presentation with the finest details regardless of the ambient light level. Featuring multiple input options to fit every need. View larger SmartEco World-Leading SmartEco Technology for a Greener Environment Schools today face the challenge of introducing new technologies and teaching tools into their classrooms and cut down on energy costs. In the effort to help schools meet the learning needs of their students as well as the green goals set by the school district, BenQ has collaborated with Philips Lighting in developing the perfect solution–the SmartEco Technology. The SmartEco Technology brings a new way of operating the projector lamp system. Intuitive to use and environmentally friendly, this technology brings together the finest picture quality and maximum energy saving. With the SmartEco Technology, students and teachers get to make the most out of their classroom experience–and schools reduce the total cost of ownership with extended lamp life and lowered maintenance needs. Blank the projection screen whenever you need to redirect the students’ focus. View larger Save up to 70% of your lamp power with No Source Detected mode. View larger Eco Blank Mode The Eco Blank mode allows teachers to blank the projection screen whenever they need to direct their students’ focus back on them–or simply when the projector is not in use. When activated, this special feature dims the lamp power automatically, lowering the total power consumption by up to 70%. Lamp power is automatically adjusted to maximize saving. View larger Smart Eco Mode The Smart Eco mode is designed to use only the exact amount of lamp power a projector needs to deliver the best contrast performance. With this feature, schools get to provide students and teachers uncompromised projection quality and reduce the total cost of ownership by extending the lamp life and lowering power consumption. No Source Detected Mode There will be times when a projector is turned on without a display source, such as a classroom PC or notebook. To avoid a projector from running with full lamp power, BenQ created the No Source Detected Mode to lower the projector lamp brightness to 30% after the projector has remained unconnected to a display source for more than three minutes. Long Lamp Life at up to 6500 hours Enjoy a lamp life performance of up to 6500 hours–twice the lamp life expectancy of average projector lamps on the market! This certainly lowers the number of lamp changes and keeps all maintenance to a minimum. (Lamp life results will vary depending on environmental conditions and usage.) Brilliant Image Performance Featuring BrilliantColor technology from Texas Instruments. View larger BrilliantColor Performance The MX503 gives you the truest, liveliest color ever with advanced BrilliantColor technology from Texas Instruments, where mid-tone colors are boosted to heighten brightness levels, making images more precisely rendered than ever. The MS502 is equipped with 3D projection technology. View larger Stereoscopic 3D Ready Projection MX503 is equipped with 3D projection technology to bring you the same amazing 3D effects you get in 3D movies. Offered for no added cost, the 3D feature on 3D ready BenQ projectors get your audience for an immersive real-life experience. Go ready with 3D glasses, content and video card along with the MX503. Choose the Right BenQ Value Projector That’s Right for You MS502 MX503 MS517 MX518 MW519 Native Resolution SVGA (800×600) XGA (1024×768) SVGA (800×600) XGA (1024×768) WXGA (1280×800) Lumens 2700 2700 2700 2800 2800 Contrast Ratio 13000:1 13000:1 13000:1 13000:1 13000:1 Lamp Life Up to 6500 hours Up to 6500 hours Up to 6500 hours Up to 6500 hours Up to 6500 hours HDMI HDMI w/ Blu-Ray 3D HDMI w/ Blu-Ray 3D HDMI w/ Blu-Ray 3D Throw Ratio 1.86-2.04 (53′ @ 2m) 1.86-2.04 (53′ @ 2m) 1.97-2.17 (50′ @ 2m) 1.97-2.17 (50′ @ 2m) 1.41-1.69 (62.25 @ 2m) SmartEco Up to 70% less power use Up to 70% less power use Up to 70% less power use Up to 70% less power use Up to 70% less power use

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