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Focus Go Flow Sports tDCS Device Description Go Flow Sports – the simplest way to try transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. INCLUDES: tDCS Stimulator Cable Electrodes & Sponges Bottle Sports Cap and Arm Band – Everything You Need. We designed Go Flow to be the perfect transcranial Direct Current Stimulator. Simply attach the Go Flow to a 9v battery to get started. After connecting the 9v battery, the orange lights are used to set the target current. During an active session the orange lights will indicate the actual current. You can change the current during a session using the blue switch. Up will increase the current 0.125 mA per press for fine grain comfort. Push up to increase the current or duration, and push down to decrease the current or duration. Easy! The LED lights on Go Flow act as an actual current meter during a session. When you press the button to start the lights will go off – because the actual current is 0, and then as the current is ramped-up you will see the orange lights rise to show the actual current level. 10 pre-cut holes on the baseball cap and an armband, make stimulating the motor cortex easy.

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