Sony SLV-N51 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR

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Sony SLV-N51 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR Description

Product description 4 Head Video Cassette Recorder Stereo VHS Player. The Sony SLV-N51 four-head hi-fi VCR satisfies your recording and playback needs, offering such features as commercial skip, which automatically advances the tape 30 seconds when activated; flash rewind, which offers a complete rewind of a T-120 tape in a mere 60 seconds; and instant replay, which skips back a few seconds to replay a compelling scene or bit of dialogue. The device also employs a plug-and-play setup, so users can be up and running in mere moments (the channels and clock tune automatically). Video performance is enhanced by the dual azimuth four-head recording and playback, which enables two speeds for SP mode and two speeds for EP mode. The slower EP mode is nearly as sharp as the SP mode due to the 19-micron heads, which reduce distortion and deliver a clear, digital-like picture. Users will appreciate the convenient multilingual onscreen display; the crystal-clear freeze frame, frame advance, and search modes; and the index scan, which helps locate a specific program on a tape without fuss. As opposed to VCR’s with manual tracking, the SLV-N51 includes sophisticated digital auto tracking adjustment that smoothes playback. The VCR also employs an eight-event timer, auto head cleaning, a parental lock feature, and front AV inputs for connecting to a camcorder or game system. In addition, the SLV-N51 is Energy Star compliant. What’s in the Box VCR, coaxial cable, remote control, two AA batteries, user’s manual.

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