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UPRIGHT PRO | Smart Wearable Posture Trainer with Free IOS and Android App

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UPRIGHT PRO | Smart Wearable Posture Trainer with Free IOS and Android App Description

Product Description The UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer improves your posture in just two weeks using the latest habit changing wearable technology. In today’s reality, most of us find ourselves sitting slouched in front of a computer or tv set for several hours a day, what we like to call – ‘screen-slouching’. After years of slouching for such long periods of time, our muscles have weakened and some of us have even lost the ability to sit and stand in an upright position for more than a few minutes without getting sore. We return home after a long day of screen-slouching with an aching back and low self-esteem. While it’s easy to feel that we are slouching fixing it through the day and creating a positive habit is just too challenging to do without any help. That’s where we come in. Upright Technologies has invented the UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer to fix today’s severe posture problem. It won’t get in your way, UPRIGHT will improve your posture while you are handling your daily life. Just attach UPRIGHT to your back with one of the 60 adhesives that come in the box and start your training while continuing with your daily routine. The Upright Posture Trainer attaches to your back with a small adhesive and vibrates, immediately, every time you slouch, reminding you to correct your posture. Unlike other posture devices UPRIGHT is meant to be worn for short posture training sessions of only 15-60 minutes per day. After a short time of using this discreet posture trainer, your body quickly learns to maintain good posture even when you are not wearing the device. UPRIGHT has already collected thousands of success stories in improving people’s posture and overall well-being. Get your UPRIGHT Today and see improved posture in just two weeks. From the Manufacturer $155,244 raised with 2,035 backers. The UPRIGHT PRO is a unique wearable in a league of its own UPRIGHT is the only posture trainer developed from day one with experts in the field of posture and back pain, from chiropractors to leading back surgeons. UPRIGHT is being used in health clinics around the world to help people’s posture, quickly and effectively. While a posture brace, back brace or back strap take the load off your back and weaken your muscles, UPRIGHT lets you do the work of sitting straight by yourself, which strengthens your muscles and gives you long-term results. Why Choose UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer? UPRIGHT is the only smart posture that you can wear anywhere on your back to detect any kind of posture issue from ‘forward shoulders’ or neck to any kind of slouching at any point of your back. UPRIGHT is the only posture wearable that attaches directly to your back to get the most precise measurements. UPRIGHT comes with a free smartphone app (iOS & Android) that creates a personalized training program for you, measures your performance and keeps you training. Beautiful & Elegant Design The UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer will compliment any workspace or home Wear it descreetly under you clothes Upright Fits discreetly under most clothing Look & Feel Better Good posture is the key to looking and feeling better, get an immidiate improvement to you look and well-being Choose what’s right for you Choose to place UPRIGHT on your upper or lower-back to train the area that your slouch from. Upper-back detects shoulder and neck slouching, while lower-back works on your core muscles. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Connected Posture Trainer How did you come up with the idea for this product? My mother was always a sloucher and suffored from terrible back pain. I wanted to get her a technological solution to quickly and easily help her. After a deep research I found out that none exist, so I took matters into my own hands. What makes your product special? UPRIGHT PRO attaches directly to your spine so it’s measurements are very exact, also it’s the only device that can provide real-time feedback, in turn this gets astonishingly quick results. What has been the best part of your startup experience? Hearing success stories from our happy customers, especially people that their back pain desappeared, just like my mother. It changed her life.

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