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VERT Wearable Jump Device

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VERT Wearable Jump Device Description

Product Description If you’re serious about sports, you need VERT. The most advanced wearable jump technology. See real time analytics, manage jump load and most importantly prevent injuries. Designed to be discrete and simple to use, athletes can clip or integrate their device in the VERT belt. VERT’s proprietary algorithm can measure all jump measurements including: jump count, jump height, best vertical, average vertical, average hi (top 25%), 1 & 2 hand touch and includes the Jump Rate feature for jump rope. From the Manufacturer Jump Count For Injury Prevention Baseball has pitch count and jump sports now have jump count. Prior to VERT coaches and trainers had to count jumps using a pen and paper now VERT counts the jumps and seamlessly transmits the data to a smart device. With VERT players, coaches and trainers are able to monitor their jump load and prevent injuries. Quick Combine Testing VERT is the new gold standard for combine testing used in USA Volleyball High Performance and AVCA VPI testing. Just clip the VERT unit to your waist and jump. NO clumsy equipment to lug around. VERT is size of a USB flash drive and measures vertical jump of multiple athletes quickly and efficiently. The Official Jump Technology of USA Volleyball “VERT allows us to track our training loads in a way that’s never been done before. It’s already helping us train SMARTER and better preserve our most precious resource our ATHLETES and their HEALTH”, Karch Kiraly, Head Coach, USA Women’s National Team. USA Volleyball coaches and athletes incorporate VERT into their practices to gauge jump load data in order to improve performance and to prevent injuries. Historical Data Data from the VERT wearable device is stored online via Athletes, coaches even trainers are able to log in and see athletic progress throughout an event or session. Book Bag Mode Play your game or practice and when your VERT device re-syncs with your smart device it will push the data on the VERT app and seamlessly online on with wireless connection. The Wearable For Athletes With the VERT wearable jump monitor and the VERT app (available iOS only) you can now train smarter and prevent injuries. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. wearable for athletes How did you come up with the idea for this product? Founder and President, Martin Matak was coaching youth basketball in the early 90’s when he had his “ah ha” moment. The kids playing on his team only cared about how high they can jump wearing their new pair of shoes. VERT was born. The second ‘ah ha’ moment was inspired by the Apple iPhone. When Martin pondered, if Apple came out with a sports wearable it would be discrete, integrated into clothing or equipment and simple to use for the end user. The wearable for athletes was born. What makes your product special? VERT is the first wearable jump device, the first wearable used in an NCAA game and the first wearable used on broadcast with ESPN. Our company is obsessed with accuracy and providing an amazing consumer experience. We are proud of our customer service and encourage you to call, chat or email any questions any time. What has been the best part of your startup experience? The best part of the start up experience is getting involved with companies and people I never dreamed of getting involved with and those companies and people being as passionate as I am with the products we are making.

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